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Radon is a radioactive gas and a carcinogen that can be found nationwide.  It is produced by a natural breakdown of uranium that can get into rocks, soil and water.  This gas enters the air we breathe.  As radon decays, it emits alpha particles that can cause lung cancer.  Radon sticks to the dust and aerosols in the air.  Particles radiate into the lungs and damage tissues.  Alpha particles are 100 times more likely to cause cancer than other types of radiation.  The greatest risk of exposure is in your home where you and your family the most amount of time. Radon kills one person every 25 minutes. 


In Florida the Department of Health oversees and regulates Radon.  Air Analytics has various Radon Measurement Specialists and  Technicians on staff to better help with your radon measurement needs. 


We provide the following Radon Consulting Services:

  • Building inspections to identify radon positive areas to evaluate potential exposure risk for building occupants.

  • Development of Radon Mitigation Specifications.

  • Contractor oversight and air monitoring during radon mitigation projects.

  • Clearance inspections and final air sampling after Radon mitigation work.

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