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Mold Remediation


Air Analytics has joined forces with Advanced Indoor Remediators, Inc., to provide you with a single stop, comprehensive solution to any mold, asbestos, or lead-based paint abatement and restoration job.  Advanced Indoor Remediators, Inc. (AIR), is a Florida-Licensed mold remediator (MRSR2372) and Florida-Licensed asbestos abatement contractor company (ZA482). ​

AIR strives to be the leader in restoration by using state-of-the-art technology, engineering controls, and diagnostic tools that are  available to detemine the nature and extent of the damage.


Mold Assessment Services


Problems like hurricanes, floods, roof leaks, pipe leaks, broken water heaters, sewage backups, etc. may lead to the growth of mold and bacteria in your residence, facility or workplace. We offer a wide range of services to determine the nature and extent of the microbial problem and how to fix them.​


All mold assessment services include:​

  • Visual Inspection of Affected Areas for Mold Growth & Water Damage​

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection for Hidden Moisture Areas​

  • Temperature, Relative Humidity & Dew Point Measurements​

  • Bioaerosols Spore Trap Sample Collection And Analysis​

  • Surface Moisture Measurements​

  • Carbon Dioxide Measurements​

  • Nuisance Dust Measurements​

  • Data Evaluation And Interpretation​

  • Final Report

Mold Assessment Services


Our reports feature all field data, laboratory bench sheets / analytical results, digital photographs and thermal imaging photos (i.e. thermograms).  When needed, abatement recommendations (protocols) are included as part of the services.​

  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys And Diagnostics

  • Air Sampling & Monitoring

  • Mycometer On-Site Surface and Air Analysis Available

  • Water Damage/Moisture Mapping Assessments​

  • Mold Amplification Assessments

  • Mold Mitigation, Abatement Planning And Oversight

Water infiltration through windows, door thresholds, roofs and concrete slabs can result in mold growth on interior surfaces like drywall, wood, and furnishings.  Remediation may include decontamination or removal & replacement of the affected surfaces.

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