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Asbestos may be found in construction building materials in  private and public residential, commercial, industrial, military and governmental properties. These materials were used over a hundred years ago, and to date, may still be found in even new construction. This seemingly harmless yet often invisible airborne material can pose serious health issues and liability risks without warning. EPA, OSHA and many states regulate asbestos work during demolition and renovation activities.


Air Analytics provides the following Asbestos Consulting Services:

  • Building inspections to identify potential asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and assess the condition of ACM to evaluate potential exposure risk for building occupants.

  • Pre-demolition asbestos surveys to identify potential ACM/ACBM that may be disturbed by proposed renovation or demolition work to comply with federal, state & local  requirements.

  • Development of Asbestos Abatement Specifications.

  • Contractor oversight and air monitoring during asbestos remediation projects.

  • Clearance inspections and final air sampling after asbestos remediation work.

  • On-Site air sample analysis.

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